Saturday, June 6, 2015

There's no place like home

It was not my plan to be shooting any of this movie in my hometown of Augusta, but it definitely should have been.
Let me back up for a minute. I've had this day - June 6 - circled on my calendar for weeks. Without getting too much into the technical aspects, we knew it would be difficult. But in the days and especially hours leading up to the shoot, we encountered one unforeseen challenge after another.
For one thing, we needed a truly traditional church front. Now, there are a few of those left ... but good luck being granted permission to use it for a movie set.
Then I remembered this stone church (that's Kenny and me standing in front of it). I walked by it nearly every day for four years on my way to Garfield Elementary as a kid. It was absolutely perfect, and the owners are wonderful people who supported our cause.
Once we closed this set, I asked a favor from the folks at the Augusta Historical Theater, and they came through for me too. Boy, did they.


  1. Awesomw! What great affirmation from your hometown, Adam.

  2. I was there. Got to be part of history. Met some cool people. Thanks, Adam & Kenny.