Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy to support this one

I'm spending the day at the inaugural Doc Sunback Film Festival, an event that includes an art crawl here in downtown Mulvane.
Well, of course I'm here. Kenny Linn, my editor for Out Here In Kansas, is one of the organizers (and Mulvane is his hometown). So is Sheri Kaufman-Marsh, another Mulvane staple who was kind enough to attend our First Friday event earlier this year in which we debuted our documentary's name and logo.
She was accompanied that night by my friend Shelly Steadman ... who happens to be the mayor of Mulvane. (I haven't seen Shelly yet, although she might be busy with her day job of being a forensic scientist. Yes, I am friends with a forensic scientist - and she owns a liquor store, too.)
Organizers are billing this as an international film festival, and they aren't just blowing smoke. Of the 100 films they're showing today and tomorrow, there are 28 countries and 10 American states represented. There have been some good ones so far, and it's been interesting and educational to see so many different approaches to filmmaking. And all these people started with a blank slate, with the movie only in their minds. I don't know about you, but I find that fascinating.

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