Monday, June 8, 2015

Let's just say she was a savior

I didn't really know Dona Lancaster until a couple of months ago, when we were starting rehearsals for the journalist-performed Wichita Gridiron. Director Rick Bumgardner introduced her to the cast this way ...
"Dona," he said, "is God."
Dona was quick to tell everyone she is not God, and she was just there to help out however she could. She is a longtime fixture in the local theater scene, currently with Wichita Community Theater, and we became fast friends.
The more I thought about the shoot I wanted to do for the opening credits for "Out Here in Kansas," the more I realized I could really use a good acting coach on set. Yes, it's a documentary, but this particular scene was going to require some facial expressions and body language from Burt that were going to be hard for me to communicate. (You'll know what I mean when you see it.) And yes, I know what I wanted - but Dona was able to make Burt feel what I wanted. It was really pretty amazing. Don't let anyone fool you - acting is hard.
Bless her heart - Dona (pronounced DOAN-a, pictured here with Burt) not only came to help us out, she spent the entire day with us on set. And it was a long day, particularly for Burt, who was wearing a suit doing take after take in the 90-degree heat.
Burt hugged Dona when the day was over, and so did I. After going over the footage with Kenny later that evening, I wanted to hug her again. It just wouldn't have been as good without her.

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  1. I've known Dona for years. She's a wonderful person.