Sunday, February 8, 2015

You set yourself up for that, Jimmy

If you're 35 or older you probably remember Jimmy Swaggart, the famous televangelist who became infamous when his sexual scandals became public.
But do you realize who was the biggest winner in all that? Ozzy Osbourne. In a matter of weeks he cranked out the hit "Miracle Man," in which he cackles at the beginning and spends the next three minutes mocking the fallen religious leader.
For Ozzy, it was beautiful. The religious right couldn't say a word. Everyone hates a hypocrite.
I bring this up because tomorrow, I will be writing about the pastor who is a central part of our film. And no matter what you might say about him, I think you'll agree he is no hypocrite.


  1. Variety and multi-media in a blog post always appeal to me. You nailed it with this awesome clip as a segue into your objective introduction to Pastor Wright. I would add 'authenticity' to a list of attributes.

  2. Sonja, I whole heartedly agree. Thanks for readership and your kind words!