Monday, February 9, 2015

Meet Joe Wright

This is Joe Wright, who plays a major role in our documentary. He is a conservative pastor, and a decade ago he was instrumental in making same-sex marriage unlawful in the state of Kansas.
If it sounds like I'm setting the stage for Pastor Joe to be our "villain" ... well, this is a good man. Burt Humburg, the proudly gay subject of this film, will be the first to tell you that.
Even if you vigorously disagree with his views, you at least have to recognize Pastor Joe's integrity. He says his motives are to protect and spread God's word, and he's always tried to do those things out of love.
Consistency, accountability and transparency are what always earn my respect. Pastor Joe is an open book, and he walks the walk.
One other thing ... Pastor Joe has never claimed to be politically correct. As you can hear on this video, his invocation to the Kansas State Legislature put a tickle into legendary radio host Paul Harvey.

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