Friday, January 2, 2015

Why I need to make this movie

Let me just begin this blog with a confession. I'm spiritually disconnected, and I have been since my marriage ended four years ago.
I still pray, I still believe in God, and I'm still a Christian. I'm just not especially passionate about it. And I hate that. If not for my daughter, I really doubt I would attend church at all. (If your teenage daughter asks you to take her to church, you don't say no.)
What's kept my faith alive? People who love me. One of them gave me the book on the left, titled "Sun Stand Still." It's about the huge power of prayer. Think about it - if Joshua had the audacity to ask, "Hey God, would you mind delaying the sunset a day or two?" ... then why be sheepish about asking for a miracle yourself?
The other book, "Jesus Calling," was a Christmas gift from my mother last week. It's great. It has 365 short daily devotionals to keep Jesus front and center if your life, and I've read it every day this year. (OK, it's only the second of January, but stay with me.)
My daughter, my friend and my mom - I'm blessed to have women like that in my life. So blessed that I'm embarrassed, in fact. And I haven't even mentioned my sister, a pastor's wife who I know has prayed for my soul her whole life. (Just kidding. Kind of.)
I bring all of this up because there is good news. Last year I decided I was going to make a movie about another person whose faith was shaken to its core. And I am passionate about it.
Understand, I didn't go to film school and I don't have any money. Nonetheless, it is happening. We have an outstanding photographer and an outstanding editor helping tell me the story.
Furthermore, God is giving me all kinds of signs to push through with this. I can't wait to tell you about them.