Monday, January 26, 2015

The TIMEs, they are a-changin'

A few days ago, I hinted about a book I've been reading. It is called "God and the Gay Christian" and it was written by Matthew Vines, who is featured in the current issue of TIME magazine.
My friend Sonja has met him. She told me about Matthew and his mission more than two years ago. When she learned of this documentary, Sonja insisted on buying me a copy of his book to enrich my own knowledge, and I'm thankful she did.
When the TIME article came out, Sonja bought me a copy of that, too. I received it in the mail today.
When I tell you about the passionate support system we have for this film, you can put Sonja on the top of that list. She's a lot more liberal than I am, but there is no better friend you could ask for than her. If you're doing something she believes in, there's no stopping Sonja.
I don't dare try to paraphrase what Vines and "The Reformation Project" are all about with a simple blog post. But I do invite you to spent a couple of minutes watching this news segment put together by my friend Hannah. You can watch that here.

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