Monday, January 5, 2015

Our first song

When I started looking for music for this film, this is the first song that spoke to me. After listening to it, maybe you'll understand why.

Click here to hear "Even Angels Bite the Dust"

I tracked down the artist, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. As it turns out, it is just one extremely talented person - Hollis Smith, a Florida-based musician who I was pleased to discover is just about the coolest chick ever. Not only did she agree to let me use the song, which was recorded last year, she said our movie's concept really resonated with her. I now consider her a friend, albeit one I've never met in the flesh.

Visit back on this blog for a Q&A with Hollis, whose music was described by one movie director as "Patsy Cline infused with Nine Inch Nails."

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