Sunday, January 4, 2015

Day of decisions

The temperature is in the single digits this morning - or as I like to call it, "colder than balls."
I was supposed to sing at a church downtown this morning, but since it's a little bit of a drive, the slick roads have let me off the hook.
My daughter told me she's too tired to go to our home church, so I'm off the hook there too.
If I want excuses to just stay inside and watch my beloved Cowboys play their first playoff game in five years, they are definitely there today. However ...
I've got a meeting with our editor Kenny at noon. As easily as I could cancel that with a phone call, we need to keep the momentum going on our documentary.
As long as I'm in town, I might as well hit the gym.
And after that, I guess I'll watch Dallas-Detroit with my buddy Gerry at The Fieldhouse. We used to watch the NFL every Sunday with our little group, back when the Cowboys were a powerhouse. So that's got to be good luck. Right?

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