Monday, January 25, 2016

Back to work

As I mentioned on my last post, we had a small private screening of the rough cut of "Out Here In Kansas" Saturday night at in Andover. If you weren't invited, please don't be offended - it only means we don't want you to see it until it's great.
We're a little ways from a finished product. What we showed Saturday is still pretty much a blueprint. It's got placeholders, sections of black screen and me stumbling over my lines for some of the narration.
The conference room of Scooter's Coffeehouse was pretty crowded with the viewers we hand-picked, which included local filmmakers Lester Rowe and Nick Brown.
And what did we get out of it? Tons. When Kenny and I met Sunday afternoon, we were both feeling overwhelmed. Most of the feedback helped us realize what we need more and less of, and what needed re-arranged (which is harder than it sounds). Lester and Nick stuck around afterwards and talked technical stuff with us.
The best news? Our story makes sense to those who knew nothing about it going in. After editing 30 hours of film down to 35 minutes, Kenny and I were too close to the trees to see the forest.

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