Sunday, November 22, 2015

Worth the wait

Today was our last scheduled shoots before post-production, the first of which I've been trying to schedule for close to a year.
Matthew Vines is a busy guy these days, ever since his book God and the Gay Christian and Reformation Project movement have taken off. His travel schedule is heavy and his speaking engagements are many, so I'm thankful editor Kenny and I finally got the opportunity to catch up with him in Kansas City.
As I anticipated, Matthew was knowledgeable, thoughtful and passionate. Toward the end of the interview - and I don't know what made me do this, because it certainly wasn't on my list - I asked him why he thought God created gay people. He said he would never presume to know what God is thinking, but followed with an answer that blew me away. 
Our last interview was a couple hours away, on the other side of Topeka. It was terrific, too. But I'll tell you about that later this week. 

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