Friday, July 24, 2015

Love to be Jinxed

Kenny and I had a full afternoon Thursday, spending most of it at Southwestern College in Winfield. That's where the main character of our documentary, Burt Humburg, played football for four seasons and came out of the closet his senior year.
I always loved covering games at Southwestern as a sportswriter. The place has so much character. The Moundbuilders have some cool traditions, the best of which is their unofficial mascot, a black cat who lives in the gymnasium. (Here's a picture of Jinx himself, greeting us upon our arrival.)
The whole purpose of yesterday was to collect more B roll for the film. We got plenty. Most of it was outside, and it was in the mid-90s. Thank goodness for Moundbuilders basketball coach Matt O'Brien, who gave us a couple of cold bottled waters from his office.
So thanks to him, and the fine folks at Southwestern, and my mom. On the way home, Kenny and I made a little detour out to my parents' house for a fantastic lasagna dinner. She's always good like that.

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