Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Burt and me

Last week a reporter asked me how my relationship with Burt had evolved over the years. And it made me think.
When Burt and I met, we were both in our 20s. He’s accomplished great things since then – not the least of which is becoming a physician. But his personality has pretty much stayed the same and I guess mine has, too. I have a great deal of fondness and admiration for Burt. As any one of his parents, friends, coaches, teachers or colleagues will tell you, Burt won’t hesitate to question you if he feels something can be done better.
But I don’t take that personally. I can’t. I’m just so thankful Burt signed up to do this. I’m fortunate he’s been generous with his time and resources, especially when it comes to arranging his travel schedule just to meet us for a shoot or whatever. He’s not asked for a single ounce of editorial input. In fact, he hasn’t asked for anything. He’s invested a lot simply because of his faith in me to tell his story, and that’s an honor. Truly.

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