Tuesday, October 18, 2016

An important note

I wanted to share this message we received from a woman who attended the world premiere of "Out Here In Kansas" last week.

Last night you were the person that reached to a struggling young man. He recently came out about his sexuality.
As a mother, I thought we should attend this film release. I'm sure you will remember him. He was the quiet, nervous Pokémon go player seating off to the side.
He was active in the church but when he came out he felt he had to leave and never return.
Thank you for your work and for shining a light on my son's hard road ahead.

That was used with permission from the mother, and it puts a serious lump in my throat. Stories like this are exactly why I set out to make "Out Here In Kansas." If you've seen the movie and would like to share yours with me, I would be eternally grateful. (And I promise to respond to each one of them.) You may email them to adamduaneknapp@gmail.com.

And if you haven't seen the movie, we have at least four more Kansas screenings coming up over the next 24 days. Maybe five - we're hearing from a lot of folks asking for an encore screening at Roxy's Downtown.

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