Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The day our barn became a movie set

This is a barn in Greenwood County that belongs to my family. (To prove it, my dad put a sign that says "Knapp" on the side.) The barn has been there my entire life, but I don't remember it actually being used for anything, other than shelter for when it rained on our camping trips.
When Kenny Linn, our editor and DP, mentioned an old barn would be a great backdrop for narration, this is naturally the first place I thought of.
I can't say without bias how great my on-camera lines were. Between acting and singing in Wichita Gridiron and hosting a daily radio show, I'm honestly sick of hearing my own voice. Editing this shoot with Kenny over the weekend was painful.
But I'll say this: The shots look amazing. Kenny is the man. But I guess I've said that already.

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