Saturday, February 6, 2016

Night at the movies

After a day of editing, tonight Kenny and I met at the Crowne Uptown, where we were invited to to screening of the movie "Bender."
The movie, directed by John Alexander and produced by J.C. Guest, is 80 minutes long and is based on a gruesome true story of Kansas events that happened in 1875. I'm not sure if they're categorizing it as horror, but it was so creepy and intense I never dared leave my seat.
I'm a little embarrassed to mention this, but at the end of the movie I was thrilled to see my name in the credits. I didn't quite catch the title they gave me, but believe me when I was tell you I they were being generous. They let me hang out on set for three days, one of which I got into a creek and helped move a heavy piece of the scene.
Mostly I just stayed quiet and observed. I was lucky enough to make friends with a handful of the cast and crew, including the two actors pictured with me here: Jon Monastero (left) and James Karen (middle).
Thanks to my old friend Shawn Rhodes, who was an associate producer for the movie, I've also gotten to know John and J.C.. All three of them offered to critique our new rough cut of "Out Here In Kansas" when we finish, and you'd better believe I'm going to take them up on it.


  1. Hi Adam,
    Read and enjoyed your post. I'm actually very interested in this film because I published a novel about the Bloody Benders in 2015, with HarperCollins.

    I'd love to do some cross-promotion with the Alexanders. Do you happen to have contact information for both or either? If you don't feel comfortable sharing that info, could you pass along my interest to them?

    Thanks so much!
    Nick Nicastro

  2. Nick,
    Thanks for the kind words. I did pass along your info and they said they would be in touch. Can they contact you through your website?


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