Monday, February 27, 2017

My goal: One million viewers

A longtime friend surprised me today by telling me about her gay child, and the challenges she was having with it because of her Christian beliefs.
This has happened to me many, many times since word out that I was making a documentary about gays and the church. Each time someone trusts me enough to share their story - whether it's about a child, a parent or even themselves - I consider it an honor and a blessing.
Truth is, the timing was perfect for us to complete "Out Here In Kansas." I said this to the audience at our world premiere, and I'll make it public on this blog:: I want this documentary to be seen by at least a million people.
How do we do that? With fans who have already seen the documentary, and want others to see it, too. There will be an opportunity for everyone to not only see "Out Here In Kansas" but to share it. Hopefully that will happen later this year.

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