Thursday, February 23, 2017

Back "home" at Butler

A student reporter asked me today about my relationship with Butler Community College.
Well, I replied, I grew up 10 minutes down the road from BCC. Went to the Grizzlies' football camps when I was a kid. Took college algebra there when I was 19. Covered countless football and basketball games there when I worked for the Wichita Eagle. Stayed up all night with them in Idaho after they won the national championship. Taught English for them as an adjunct. Worked with their athletic department, and marketing.
"Butler," I finally said, "is part of my family."
That's why I was so proud for "Out Here In Kansas" to screen on the BCC El Dorado campus in front of so many of the people who are the reason for that relationship. (I had never even met Butler President Kim Krull, but bless her heart, she was there too.)
Many thanks to BCC's Crystal Aluko (pictured above) for setting up the event. In case you don't know, there's another one on Tuesday in Andover.

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