Sunday, June 11, 2017

Paying homage to the 'Big Bird'

I'm not particularly sad to see the Wichita Eagle building at 825 E. Douglas be torn down, although I'll admit it's a little strange. It's been there my whole life, after all, and heaven only knows how many hours I spent inside in my 11 years as a sportswriter there.
My friend Carrie Rengers beautifully summed up the feelings of most of us about the "Big Bird" in this column. This photo was taken by former Eagle photo chief Brian Corn, who also helped me track down a photo we wanted for the film.
Those who have already seen "Out Here In Kansas" know the Eagle has a strong connection to our film. It's because of the Eagle that I met Burt Humburg, our main character. We used Brian's photo, my article and a couple of exterior shots of the building in the film.
The Eagle now sits right in the heart of Old Town, at 330 N. Mead.

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  1. I'm sad to see it go. It was such a staple of downtown Wichita. I guess I don't do as well with change as you do -- and you worked there. Loved Carrie's column. It left you with a hopeful, positive feeling about the Eagle going on.