Monday, January 9, 2017

What they're doing in Derby about Westboro

So I really didn't think my first post of 2017 was going to be about Westboro Baptist Church. We spent a few seconds discussing their hate tactics in our documentary, but for the most part I treat them as Kansas' crazy uncle who's better left ignored.
However ...
Westboro has announced it is going to be having an organized protest Friday at Derby High School, where our Editor/DP Kenny Linn teaches broadcast and video production. Note: The protest has been changed to Wednesday because of Friday's forecast for freezing rain.
This news hasn't gotten much of a rise out of Kenny. But a couple of folks have asked to help spread the word about their peaceful counter protests, designed to shield the students from Westboro's nonsense.
Did I say counter protests? There are at least two groups on Facebook putting groups together, Wall Against Westboro and Let's Show Our Love.
Last month, students from Derby made headlines by electing a transgender student as king of its annual Holly Ball.

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